New Decor  

We have spared no expense in our newly decorated Studio Inn. This self contained unit is complete with a full kitchen, Flat Screen LCD on Wall Mount; Free Cable TV, and free WiFi.
La Casita Rosada is nestled blocks between Downtown Albuquerque and Old Town and is minutes away from some of the most desirable parts of Duke City.
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La Casita Rosada

The Spa Treatment  

Fresh, high thread count linens, your own music connected to the Stereo with own iPod, tile throughout and a spa shower… just the thing for the weary traveler. Ride your bike along the Rio Grande, take a hike at Sandia Peak, or take the train to Santa Fe. We’ve got you covered on the relaxation front when you come home from a busy day exploring Albuquerque. You deserve it.
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La Casita Rosada bathroom

Chill out…  

Enjoy the great outdoors of New Mexico and then come back and chill out in a secluded patio complete with furniture, a shade canopy, and a hand-laid tile grounds. Or if you prefer, enjoy the newly renovated barrel-ceiling patio with more comfy seating.
Start each day with a fresh cup of coffee in an al fresco setting, and finish your day of adventure enjoying a night cap right outside the Casita. You deserve it.
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The back half


Albuquerque has a rich cultural history and is very proud of the tradition and diversity. The Cultural Centers, Old Town, and Santa Fe are just a few things that Duke City has to offer its visitors. The only faux pas you can make is not knowing the answer to one question: red or green? Of course we are referring to the passionate, but friendly dispute on chili pepper preferences.
Featured in photo: National Hispanic Cultural Center
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La Casita Rosada Attractions

Lil’ price-ita  

Our head is in the clouds because we want to share all the area has to offer, We aren’t crazy; we prefer the term eccentric.
We are offering our famous Lil’ price-ita for La Casita offer for a limited time. For $109 a night you get your adventure on.
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What… you think we just eat peppers in Duke City? That’s insulting. Well, actually we love us some peppers.
Pictured are the luscious offerings from Slate Street Cafe.
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Local dining for La Casita Rosada

You like us!  

You like us… you really, really like us! Ah, that’s sweet, and for the record , we really like us. If you Like us on Facebook during your stay, we will even apply a discount.

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Run for Mayor  

Explore on FoursquareStake your claim: Be the Mayor of La Casita Rosada.

Albuquerque Trivia

We're an old city: The city was founded in 1706 as the Spanish colonial outpost of Ranchos de Alburquerque (we've dropped one of the "r"s). During 2005 and 2006, the city celebrated its tricentennial with a diverse program of cultural events.

The first travelers on Route 66 appeared in Albuquerque in 1926, and before long, dozens of motels, restaurants, and gift shops had sprung up along the roadside to serve them.

Albuquerque nicknames

Albuquerque is one of the most commonly misspelled cities in America and it is also referred to as:

"Duke City"
"The Big Al"
"The Q"
"The 505"

Warning: some locals hate all these.

Sandia Resort & Casino

Relax and enjoy the best comforts of home and more

In this newly built luxury studio apartment. You can savor New Mexican cuisine at the many local restaurants, or prepare your own favorites in our fully appointed kitchen with service for four. Offering outstanding convenience as well as privacy, La Casita Rosada provides exceptional comfort and many fine amenities to make your trip a delight.